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David has been a professional photographer since 2003, focusing his passion on the West of Ireland. Although not formerly trained he has developed a real sense of what is around him to be photographed by immersing himself in the landscape. "For me, there is nothing quiet like sitting on a beach, the only sounds are the wind and the waves. You're waiting for the sun to set with the excited anticipation of what mother nature has in store".    Connaught Telegraph 2008.

This section of the website is dedicated to my passion for panoramic photography. I purchased a Hasselblad Xpan II kit in late 2008 and after initially hoping that it would just compliment my normal format of photography, I soon realised that the panoramic format opened up an entirely new world.

Many people have said that it is more natural to look at panoramic photographs rather than the more square format of standard frames.  This is because our eyes are positioned panoramically and on location I soon realised that it was far easier to apply the panoramic format when framing a scene. It is for this reason I purchased the Xpan, fell in love with it and now shoot exclusively in this format.

I am always keen to hear feedback, so if you have any opinions (good or bad) please let me know.


Below is a breakdown of the most popular sizes for sale.

Quotes for other sizes available on request

Panoramic Prints
Panoramic Prints
Rectangular Prints
11 x 6 €30.00   20 x 8 €60.00   16 x 12 €56.00
20 x 10 €65.00   24  x12 €79.00   20 x 16 €78.00
32 x 14 €130.00   32 x 16 €118.00   32 x 24 €138.00
      40 x 20 €138.00   40 x 28 €158.00
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